Ladies and Gentlemen! Deucez hits us with a literal slapper of a track.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Deucez hits us with a literal slapper of a track.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Deucez hits us with a literal slapper of a track, released on High Caliber Records and Riddim Network.

By: Taylor ONeil 

2 / 10 / 2023

Stream 'Deucez - Hit'Em Wit'
Chris, aka Deucez, is no stranger to making super catchy and super heavy riddim, and this track is another great example of his incredible talent. His tracks have been played out by the biggest acts in dubstep and for good reason. His technique of production produces incredibly clean tracks with a refreshing flow. His sound design is very refined. You can tell that he has been producing for a long time. He knows exactly what a track needs to be full of energy and power. His catalogue of tracks is full of heaters that any heavy bass enthusiast would enjoy.
'Hit'Em Wit' is an insanely well produced track with a flow that would make any river jealous. Deucez never disappoints with the flows of his tracks. He will get you headbanging and high kneeing on the dance floor. The sound design of this track is also remarkable. From the main bass that is the driver of the track slapping you in the face, to the massive sub bass that makes the floor shake. Deucez has perfected the balance of elements needed in a riddim track to get the crowd moving and those bass faces stanking. 'Hit'Em Wit' will surely be another track that artists support and play out on all stages. 
Deucez has been releasing music since 2016, with tracks on labels like BassWeight Records, Subsidia, Cyclops Recordings, Bypass Audio, Full Flex Audio, Torment Audio, Old Ghost Records, and obviously High Caliber and Riddim Network. His songs have support from names like Excision, Subtronics, ATLiens, AL Ross, Dion Timmer, and many more. He has lots of content on YouTube about production as well as a Patreon. He is a huge advocate for helping as many people as he can with music. 


Out here trying to inspire and save others through dubstep✌🏼

With this much support and talent, it won't be long until everyone is hearing 'Ladies and Gentlemen! Deucez Bitch!' on main stages everywhere!
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Stream 'Deucez - Hit'Em Wit'
Riddim Network
High Caliber Records
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