Aboy M80 is an explosive force when it comes to melodic dubstep. He can catch you in your feels with his melodic vibes and melt your face with his fiery drops. Hailing from Minnesota he's coming into his own and is rocketing his way into the bass music scene. His songs are charged with energy and his mixes are sure to blow you to kingdom come. M80 is gunning to get on the main stage of music venues and festivals with the intent of demolishing a crowd, as well as erupting their emotions. You are now part of something groundbreaking. Welcome to the Bomb Squad! 💣🧡

I've been making music for about 3 years. I started by using FL Studio for the majority of that time and somewhat recently switched over to Ableton. I started by making some basic electronic music and hip hop beats, then transitioned to making dubstep. Some of my biggest inspirations are Virtual Riot, BadKlaat, Kayzo, and Vastive. I started DJing in my bedroom for a few years before starting the EDM Club at UW - Whitewater. We started DJing at the local bars and then grew to the local venues. I moved to Minneapolis and got my first show at Skyway Theatre June 11, 2021. I've been working hard to build my production, DJing, and branding skills ever since. I've played quite a few shows and released a decent amount of songs since then. My goal for the future is to release a track on a big time label and to play Lost Lands festival.