Blosso has created a masterfully produced odyssey of genre crossing bass music composition.

Blosso has created a masterfully produced odyssey of genre crossing bass music composition.

Blosso has created a masterfully produced odyssey of genre crossing bass music composition with his album - Chameleon.

By: Taylor ONeil 


Listen to Chameleon here!
Dahmhyun Lee also known as Blosso, releases a masterfully crafted album, titled 'Chameleon'. The 15-track album, which was released on Kayzo's Welcome Records, has a wide range of genres in bass music that takes the listener on an exploration of sound. Each song evokes an emotion through Blosso's masterfully sound designed bass music and arrangement of instruments and vocals. Each element plays an important role in the composition of not only the song itself, but also the exhilaration he wants the audience to experience. The album starts out with a metal infused dubstep collaboration with Bvlvnce, that sets the tone of the journey the listener is embarking on. The heavy metal guitar riffs paired with the intense drums and vocals create an electric excitement that carries into the fierce tearout drop. The next track titled Chameleon is an atmospheric trap heater. Holding true to the title of the album, Blosso is proving that he can produce all genres of bass music extremely well. Falling For You is melodic dubstep collaboration with YDG, who is known for his heavy bass drops and signature sound design. This track is a perfect mashup of the two producers and the result of them joining forces has resulted in a track that has an incredible energy throughout, that will be sure to get the crowd moving. Entropy is the first of two collabs with Becko. This track is another excellent display of metal infused with dubstep. The memorable and catchy vocals have a strength that pairs perfectly with the powerful dubstep drop. Underground is the next trap heater with a bass house second drop, again proving what a capable producer Blosso can be. This track will be sure to get the crowd bouncing. Unbalance is a solo track and adds another 2 genres to this album. Psytrance has been making waves in the bass music scene lately, and it seems like all the big-time artists are playing more Psytrance in their sets. Blosso nails this track with super catchy melodies and vocals, as well as an enjoyable drop to jump around to. In the second drop he switches it up again with some Drum and Bass! Blosso really knows how to blend genres together and create an amazing odyssey of music. The Way It Goes is a track that combines the talents of Blosso, Doil, and the well-known vocalist, Micah Martin! Another metal infused dubstep track that has an amazing blend of elements throughout. Micah Martin has such a recognizable voice and adds such chemistry to this already amazing track. Wannabe is a melodic dubstep track that rivals some of the most well-known melodic dubstep tracks. With vocals that audiences can sing at the top of their lungs and a drop that matches the emotion of the beginning, this one is sure to be a crowd favorite. Irreplaceable is a track that blends the sounds of melodic dubstep with melodic or even color riddim. This creates a unique track that adds significance to the album as a whole. After the melodic segment of this album, the next track brings back the intensity that is prevalent throughout this album. Inner Violence is a solo track that proves Blosso is a connoisseur when it comes to metal and bass music. Dimensions is another Psytrance track with unique sound design in the synth stabs. The next song is the second collaboration with Becko, titled We Are Alive. This track is all Drum and Bass with amazing melodic elements that gives the listeners a sentiment of euphoria. Anti Dub is the next Drum and Bass track in the album, only this one has some nutty bass design. Audiences will be making bass faces and showing off their finger guns for this one. Incinerate is the next metal infused with dubstep track in cooperation with Typhon. The heavy bass drop of this track will break rails and necks. The final track on the album, titled Higher Than Heaven, is a perfect way to close the journey. Blosso and Nytrix implement harmonic and strong bass elements to produce a transcendent closing track.
"Comparing my studio to what it looked like when I first started this music, and considering that I have so many friends, advisors, and fans, I don't think words can express how worthy I feel that the journey I have walked is.
Always be grateful. And I'll be back with another good work." - Blosso
This album is an expedition of bass music and Blosso is the conductor. He is able to elicit many emotions from the listeners and audience. Blosso has created a masterfully produced odyssey of genre crossing bass music composition.  
Blosso is a Korean bass music DJ and producer. Based in Seoul, Lee is one of the few Korean bass acts that is starting to gain international attention, with support from Excision, Illenium, Krewella, NGHTMRE, Slander, Zeds Dead, Kayzo, Kill The Noise, Ookay, Virtual Riot, Sikdope, Dirty Audio, Armnhmr, Kap Slap, and more. Lee has released on labels such as Monstercat, Disciple, Welcome Records, Ophelia Records, Circus Records, Barong Family, Rushdown, and Kinphonic, as well as popular YouTube-based imprints such as NCS, Most Addictive and Tasty. Lee enjoys doing remixes and has entered several remix competitions (including ones for Dodge and Fuski's “Bringing Wobble Back” and Carbin & MADGRRL's "On & On," both of which he won). He has also done official remixes for Armnhmr, JVNA, Ace Aura, We Are Fury, Outwild and TOKYO ROSE.
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