Audio Bouquet 2023

Audio Bouquet 2023

Audio Bouquet 2023

Taylor ONeil 


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Audio Bouquet is the most up and coming music festival in Minnesota. The lineup was growing bigger and bigger with a focus on local talent, but this year Audio Bouquet had world touring headliners as well. This local festival that is held in Elmore, MN, focuses on establishing an open and fun space for all electronic music fans to enjoy. This festival started in 2020 as a birthday party for the founder of this festival, Nate Snyder. He was looking to throw an event that Minnesota has yet to see. A gathering of artists and music lovers to experience the pros of attending a music festival without
the commercialized bulls**t! He wanted all his friends to come and have an amazing time listening to music and spending time with great people. He had a bunch of his friends and local DJ's spin music on a makeshift stage. The vibes were great, and the music was loud, and thus Audio Bouquet Music Fest was born. The year after that he made it official. He started social media pages and got the word out that Audio Bouquet was happening again. There were flyers and a professional sound system the second year, which amplified the festival to new heights. Audio Bouquet was starting to gain some traction. There was a ton of local producers and DJs from Minnesota spinning dubstep, trap, house, and even some live performers singing and rapping. Nate's dream of running a music festival were coming true. In 2022, the third year of the festival, Nate went all out. He teamed up with local legend Charlie Tournquist to make year 3 the biggest and best yet. THe lineup was growing bigger and bigger with a focus on local talent, but this year Audio Bouquet had world touring headliners as well. With Saint Punk and Pixel Terror as the headliners it was sure to be an amazing year. Not to mention Charlie put together some of the coolest stages that I've seen at a local music festival. There was also the Void Sound System. This sound system is a legend in itself around the Midwest. All the producers and DJs were eager to play on them. There were tons of surprise B2Bs, amazing sets, incredible lighting, massive sound, a Thursday pre party, and just an extraordinary weekend. Audio Bouquet always aims to improve every year and bring some of the best local electronic producers and DJs to a massive stage. The future is looking bright for this Minnesota Festival. 




Looking to this year, Nate has big plans to improve the festival yet again. With the recent lineup announcement bringing touring artists, RIOT and Protohype, to Minnesota, we are sure to see more attendees than ever before. Not to mention the plethora of regional artists that are ridiculously talented themselves. The local talent that is booked for this festival is always top notch and this year is no exception. These local artists have impressive music and will put on an wonderful performance. Nate is also teaming up with Charlie again to bring some of the coolest stage set ups, lighting rigs, and sound systems that a Minnesota EDM festival has to offer. After talking with Nate myself, we can be sure to expect this year to have plenty of new and exciting developments. There will be more vendors, new stages, and later set times. The location of this festival is at Grandpa's farm, in Elmore, MN. There is plenty of room for parking, camping, and big stages. This also means that we can have music going all night. The camping at this festival is set up to ensure that attendees are happy and comfortable. Camping is set up between two tree lines so there is plenty of shade, so you're note waking up in the baking sun. There is plenty of room to set up hammocks and tables or whatever you need. Tickets are only $75 for the whole weekend and that includes parking and camping! (Insider tip: use my code aboym80 for $5 off your ticket purchase) If you are a fan of Electronic Music and want to go to an impressive festival close to home, Audio Bouquet is for you! 




The artists at this festival are outstanding and are going to bring such great energy here to the Midwest. Each local artist on this lineup will be giving it their all. I am so proud to be a part of the Midwest electronic artist music scene. The wide variety of local artists will be playing all sorts of genres. From dubstep to house to trap to trance to drum and bass to deep dub. There will be a set for everyone to enjoy. The regional talent are all insanely talented as well. We got ABOY M80 (that's me) and Nolephant from Minnesota, PolarBear flying in from Atlanta, Scafetta from Buffalo, Krushendo from Colorado, and SRFBGOOD from Iowa! All of these artists are going to bring the house down with their sets. You aren't going to want to miss them.




Then we got the main acts. RIOT is a duo from Los Angeles. Their style mixes two extremes of electronic music which energizes their fanbase to make an immediate impression and memory that can last a lifetime. RIOT has released multiple chart-topping originals on Monstercat, Dim Mak, and Insomniac records which includes collaborations with Kayzo, Slander and Dirty Phonics. Along with trend setting originals RIOT has massive remixes for heavy hitters Infected Mushroom, Knife Party and Pegboard Nerds! Their collaboration ‘Wake Up’ with Kayzo has 20+ million streams and currently lives as one of the most played dubstep tracks on Spotify! Their collaboration with Slander ‘You Don’t Even Know Me’ which is featured on Slander’s EP ‘Headbangers Ball’ has over 3+ million streams on Spotify and hit top 10 on iTunes Dance Charts. RIOT will be sure to electrify the crowd and perform a set that you will remember forever. Protohype has taken the world of bass music and made it his own personal playground. The heavy hitting producer combines ingenious progressions and percussion with roof toppling bass lines for a must hear sound that leaves fans around the world with necks breaking. Releasing on major labels such as Firepower, SMOG, Spinnin’ Records and more, not to mention boasting a discography of over 100 original creations, Protohype has become a staple in the bass music community. Developing his #puppycrew brand, Max uses his loyal fan base to give back, throwing charity events to help fund no kill animal shelters. With an original sound, kind heart and a knack for getting a crowd roaring for more, Protohype has become one of bass music’s most loved talents. Audio Bouquet is doing a giveaway to have a meet and greet with Protohype so make sure to head over to their socials and enter! These 2 headliners are going to make Audio Bouquet 2023 unforgettable. 



This annual extravaganza has established itself as a haven for both established and emerging electronic artists, drawing in a pulsating sea of enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in the transformative power of electronic soundscapes. With its diverse lineup, immersive atmosphere, and unwavering dedication to the electronic genre, the festival has become an unparalleled event that electrifies audiences year after year. The artists that are playing this festival are all unique, ensuring an expansive sonic palette that caters to the diverse tastes of electronic music lovers. The Audio Bouquet Music Festival weaves a spellbinding tapestry of music, nature, art, and camaraderie. It embraces the power of sound to transcend boundaries and touch the deepest parts of our souls. As the sun sets and the final notes echo through the air, attendees leave with hearts full of joy, memories that will last a lifetime, and a renewed appreciation for the transformative power of music. The festival's legacy endures, drawing people back year after year to experience the magical symphony of the Audio Bouquet Music Festival.

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