Aboy M80 drops a weapon of a track, One Thing.

Aboy M80 drops a weapon of a track, One Thing.

Aboy M80 drops a weapon of a track, and if One Thing is certain, it explodes expectations. 

By: Taylor ONeil 

1 / 5 / 2023

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Aboy M80 has been releasing tracks for a little over two years now. Bombs and explosions have always been his brand and style. He creates explosive dubstep with the intention to get the audience explode with energy on the dancefloor or where-ever they are listening. With eight total releases, this track stands out from his others. Every track seems to be getting more professional and unique from others. His output as a producer is always growing, with two songs released in 2020, two songs in 2021, and four songs in 2022. He is very optimistic for the future of his artist project.
"I am hoping to double my track output for the coming year. I already have three songs that are complete and ready to go. My process as a producer is becoming more natural to me and I am trying to learn new techniques all the time. I am taking lessons from established producers and taking what they are doing and putting it to use in my own way." - Aboy M80
The track One Thing starts off with some nice atmosphere and a vocal track in the background to ease the listeners in, which then transforms into an intense build. The energy in the build is heightened to allow the drop to have maximum effect. The drums are pushed very hard through the mix and the sound design has a great balance on the frequency spectrum to really fill everything out. The chugs blast the audience with bass, and then the high-pitched screech bass shatters the expectations of the drop itself. Once the drop has a groove, M80 quickly and effectively switches it up to a quicker and somehow more intense rhythm, but at the end of the drop gives the listeners back the first rhythm. The second drop has a dynamite fakeout with heavy influence from Virtual Riot. After the fakeout the quicker and more intense rhythm drop is underway. The drops in this song is what make it stand out, as with many dubstep songs. 
"The build of the track is so integral to the intensity of the drop, which is why I spend a decent amount of time working on it when producing. Once you build the energy and hype, you have the power to really make your drop impactful. So that's what I did! The drops in my song are very heavy and I went into creating this song with that in mind. I wanted a track that I could see the whole crowd headbanging in unison when playing it live. This is also why I wanted to find such a hype pre drop vocal. I'm a big fan of fakeouts, so I took inspiration from my favorite producer Virtual Riot. I feel that fakeouts in drops create an extra bit of tension right before you drop it for real. When producing this song, I spent most of my time sound designing and trying to make all my sound design layers fit together in the mix. It was a blast to make and I cannot wait for everyone to listen, whether streaming or at one of my shows! Thank you for being part of my Bomb Squad!"
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