Layz and Vastive can never be tamed with their new track, 'Barking At Thunder'

Layz and Vastive can never be tamed with their new track, 'Barking At Thunder'

Layz and Vastive can never be tamed with their new track, 'Barking At Thunder', released on Welcome Records. 

By: Taylor ONeil 

4 / 17 / 2023

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"Barking At Thunder" is a mighty and inspiring track that will motivate you to keep going, no matter what life throws your way. The duo's energy and passion are contagious, and their message is one that everyone can relate to. The beginning of the track is a very moving and powerful introduction with lyrics that have a substance everyone can relate to.
"How can I know the truth in every corner. When I'm still fighting for my own name. And when the lights go down it's like murder. I recognize that I’m still the same."
You can feel the energy behind the lyrics and the instrumental. All the elements of the song are coming together in a massive crescendo of intensity. The vocals screaming out, commanding that you listen to the message. The build rising with power leads to the insane pre drop that captures both producers' incredible production skills. Finally leading to the drop that the audience has been craving. With strength and tenacity, Layz and Vastive give us a drop that will destroy rails as well as connecting with the listener with the spirit of their track. 
"Like what if I’m late
Should I just wait
I mean it when I tell you I got shit on my plate
No time to run away
No time to hesitate
I got the world in front of me they counting on my play
I can hear my mother pray
I can feel my father scream
I can see my love singing telling me to chase my dream
So what if I feel pain when life's yanking on my chain
When it’s screaming out my name
You can never keep me tamed"
The main vocals in the track are very deep and relatable to anyone that has felt like life has been pulling on their chain. It is very inspirational that the lyrics also give the listeners a sense of determination to never give up. You can never keep me tamed is ringing through my head as the intense drop gives me the drive to push forward. It's safe to say that Layz and Vastive have a track that will never lose its essence. 
Overall, 'Barking At Thunder' is a fantastic track that showcases Layz and Vastive's talent and creativity. The duo has created a sound that is both fresh and exciting while also being relatable and uplifting. With its high-energy vibe and undeniable headbanging potential 'Barking At Thunder' is sure to become a fan favorite and a staple in the dubstep scene.
With the release of "Barking At Thunder," Layz and Vastive are proving that they are one of the most exciting new dubstep producers in the game. With their unique, heavy-hitting sound and powerful message, they are sure to make a big impact on the music industry.
Both producers are currently on tour as well. Layz is on her own headline tour for her Eye Of The Storm Ep that was released on Bassweight records. Vastive is on tour as support for the massive metal electronic producer Sullivan King. Both of them are gaining massive momentum and will sure to be influencing the entire genre in years to come. 
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