Beastboi creates harmonic anarchy with No Leash EP

Beastboi creates harmonic anarchy with No Leash EP

Beastboi creates harmonic anarchy with his new 4 track EP 'No Leash' out on Disciple Round Table. 

By: Taylor ONeil 


Khai Adams, also known as Beastboi. is 21 years old. He is an American bass music producer currently from North Carolina. Beastboi has been making tracks that have both, melodic foundations and dark heavy elements, since 2019. His style, called 'neo dubstep', is very recognizable and all the tracks that he creates have similar energy and emotional characteristics. His new 4 track EP is no exception to this.
Beastboi 'No Leash EP' tracklist: 
  1. Crossfold
  2. Forsaken
  3. Echo
  4. Dead Eye
The way that space and atmosphere are used creates a unique introduction to each track that pulls the listener in and keeps their attention throughout the song. From the movement and emotion he creates with his reese basses, to the wide melodic synths, each track starts similarly and has the listener floating on a wave of atmospheric euphoria. This emotion and sense of euphoria mutates into a massive stimulation of bass pandemonium! With minimal elements in the 'build' of the track, the drop hits the listeners with an exceptional force. The balance of harmonic melodies and dark intense bass synths creates a drop that no others can replicate. The flow and movement throughout the drops will be sure to have listeners, and crowds alike bouncing, headbanging, and getting lost on the dancefloor. 
While most of his tracks are self-released, he has releases with Most Addictive, Rude Service, Interval Audio, Buygore, and Disciple Round Table. Even though he has only been releasing music under the Beastboi name for a few years, he already has a substantial number of tracks. His tracks have support from big names like Tisoki, Barely Alive, Leotrix, Oolacile & more! Although he is currently not on tour or scheduled for future shows he is sure to be a rising star in the bass music industry. Keep an eye out for Beastboi.
Photo cred: jill.perras 
Beastboi links: 
Beastboi - 'No Leash EP'
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