Ahee releases new EP ‘Alien Alchemy’

Ahee releases new EP ‘Alien Alchemy’

Ahee releases new EP ‘Alien Alchemy’ and it is a multi-genre bass music masterpiece on Bassrush records. 

By: Taylor ONeil 


Chris Ahee Adams is a multi-genre bass music producer and DJ from Texas. His discography has a wide range of all genres but his outer space bass sound design shines in every track. This latest EP is no exception. The title Alien Alchemy is a perfect description of what’s in store for listeners. Ahee himself classifies each track as a very specific genre. 

AHEE’s Alien Alchemy EP track list:

  1. Martian Murder (Heavy Dubstep w/ a story)
  2. Bass Ritual (Experimental Sludgestep)
  3. Witchcraft w/ Rejack (Dark Halftime)
  4. Psycho Soul (Hyper-Melodic Maddness)


It is refreshing and exciting to see artists like Ahee pushing the limits of bass music to new heights and exposing the world to artistry that is out of this world. Each track gives the listener a new experience and engages them from start to finish. With releases on Bassrush, Subsidia, Circus Records, and many more Ahee is sure to be impacting the scene for a long time to come! 


Ahee is currently on tour with a few different artists. He’s on the Blue Collar Bass tour with Tvboo. The Spellbound tour with Level Up. And he also has tour dates with Manic Focus. Ahee’s energy on tour is unmatched and it shows how passionate he is about his project and bass music as a whole. His sets blend a mixture of high energy dance floor bangers with sonically complex bass arrangements & good vibey tunes. The crowd is sure to be abducted by this alien and returned to earth with fresh vibes and positivity. 

Photo Cred: klick

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